What are your Thanksgiving plans? ? Keto or not?

Let’s catch up a bit and chat!

I have a video note for you (that made me cry), and will show you what’s going on in MY keto life this week… then I’d love to hear from you. ?


What are your Thanksgiving plans? ? Keto or not?

My son is hosting this year and he’s grilling ribeyes. ?? ⁣

We’ve never been very traditional, but we’re always very thankful! ?? ⁣

No judgments, just curious!

I’d love to hear how you’re spending the holiday. ❤⁣

Speaking of, this month’s Keto Krate box has a Keto Thanksgiving Survival Guide in it. ‼ Did you see that? LOVE, very cool addition.⁣

Keto Thanksgiving Chat

If you didn’t get the November Krate, they’re still shipping this box next business day. Go to Keto Krate and use code LOWCARBTRAVELER for a ?double discount? & get $10 off.

You’ll have a great variety of sweet & salty keto snacks to keep you on track during the holidays! ?⁣

I did a video unboxing of this month’s Krate here if you want to see what you’ll get:

Enjoy! ?⁣

My Simple (Boring) Keto Meals Lately

I’ve gotten in the habit of eating one bigger meal in the middle of the day lately, but to be honest – I eat slow, usually while I’m working.⁣

I prefer to use my breaks for things more fun than food. ????⁣

I had this big plate of food stretched out between 12 and 2pm today for example:

LCHF Breakfast Keto Meals

This is 3 eggs scrambled with 2 tbsp of zero carb Palmetto Cheese and 2 skillet fried Oscar Mayer Smokies. ? Easy & delicious! ❤⁣

When I shared this meal (and the next one you’ll see) on Facebook, comments ranged from: “is that ALL you eat?” to: “I could never eat that much in one sitting.”

Like I said, I did stretch that big plate of food out over about a two hour period in the middle of the day. I had collagen & mct in my first morning coffee so that held me over through breakfast.

And I do eat other things too…

Yesterday I had a huge plate of bacon & eggs in the middle of the day, just like today, then later I had 2 tbsp of macadamia nut butter and a collagen keto bar.⁣

Cheesy Eggs and Bacon Keto LCHF Lunch

This was 4 eggs scrambled with 2 tbsp of zero carb palmetto/pimento cheese with 4 slices of crispy oven-baked bacon.

I ate most of that around mid-day, finished what I had leftover later – then the nut butter & bar was enough to satisfy me that evening.

The bacon, Smokies, eggs and palmetto cheese all came from a recent trip to Kroger where I picked up a few other things too:

Keto Grocery Shopping at Kroger

I also used the palmetto/pimento cheese in a GREAT keto hash dish with the sausage & cauliflower rice. ? That was delicious! Click that link to see it, and in the comments there is a video showing how I made it too.

I’d love to hear what you’re eating lately, and how things are going with you!

Slim and I have been enjoying the great weather AND the bacon together this week. ? He’s my senior dane, almost 11 years old, and you’ll have to watch the video and see what a good boy he was!

He got his morning exercise in for that bacon -lol.

Slim wants to know .oO Is there any more bacon? ? ?

Slim LOVES Bacon - Keto Dane

?? ?

Last but not least, I made a video for you:

Are You Dieting? Keto, Low Carb Diet, etc? It’s Time To STOP!

I hope you are having a GREAT week, enjoying the mini-challenges, seeing RESULTS that feel good (!!) and that the points I shared with you in the video above prove as helpful to you… as they did for me – in my own weight loss journey. ❤⁣

Leave a comment & let’s catch up! ?

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. p.s. The Ab Carver Pro is on sale for $29 & Free Shipping right now. I think I paid $40 for mine. I need to get back to doing it daily like I used to. LOVE it, so easy, and it WORKS!

It’s great for arms, abs and core strength – and this one is designed NOT to let you faceplant, even if you’re a total fitness newbie. ? Thank goodness! lol – Check out the reviews, you’ll see what I mean…

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