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I promised you an unboxing video and photo tour of the January Keto Krate so you can see what’s in it… and I also scored you 40% off this month’s box PLUS a bonus surprise gift. ?

This is the cheapest I’ve EVER seen a Keto Krate. With this discount link you can get the box (full of 13 keto products!) for only $23.99 (instead of 39.99, which = $16 off) plus FREE shipping.

They ship FAST too. Your box will be shipped within 24 hours if you order today. ?

That’s a SWEET deal considering it would cost you $237.40 to try each of the 10 products in this month’s Krate, not including the +3 bonus snacks with their current special offer.

I did the price/value research and the math for you below…

January Keto Krate Unboxing Video and DEEP Discount

If you got this box, I’d love to hear what you’ve tried so far, and what you thought of it – LOVE it or HATE it style! Leave a comment & let’s discuss our favorites. ?

To help you decide if you want this one, I have both an unboxing video and a photo tour below, so you can see everything you’ll get in the January Keto Krate while it’s still shipping.

OR you can just scan over this list to find new products to try if you don’t want the whole box. That’s one of the things I love MOST about Keto Krate: discovering great new products for my keto pantry. ?

What I don’t have is the “3 Bonus Products Gift” since I was already subscribed, but you’ll get those too if you sign up today.

If you prefer video, this is where I unboxed the January Keto Krate live – which also includes my commentary on certain products in the box along with some fun keto chat, so you might want to at least listen in while you scroll down and scan the photo tour below. ?

Keto Krate is always guaranteed gluten free, VERY low carb (5 net carbs or less, usually WAY less), soy conscious, no maltitol (ever) – and FULL of variety!

The 2020 New Year deal is not available through their home page, but you can activate the discount & gift through this special link to save $16 and get 40% off + 3 extra low carb products. ?

If you subscribed in the past, simply use a new email address to sign up again to snag this deal! You can unsubscribe anytime. You just log into your account and unsub, skip months, change your delivery frequency, etc – so you’re in total control.

Photo Tour: January Keto Krate Box

Every month it’s a box full of variety & surprises so you have fun new things to try.

There are 10 products in this month’s box, plus if you sign up now with their New Year deal you get an additional 3 bonus keto snacks too – for a total of 13 products for only $23.99. That’s a savings of 40%, a nice $16 off the normal price!

Here are the 10 products that came in the January Krate, plus the links to get each if you want to put your own package together, along with the prices:


Pyure Organic Gluten Free Keto Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix ?
$9.99 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Keto Brownie Mix


Catalina Crunch Keto Friendly Cereal ?⁣⁣
$16.99 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Catalina Crunch Keto Breakfast Cereal


Milkadamia Unsweetened Vanilla Macadamia Milk ?⁣
(2 Cartons) $11.99 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Milkadamia Keto Friendly Milk


Dang Foods Peanut Butter Bar ?
These only come in a box of 12 but they DO have a flavor variety pack
$29.88 for a box of 12 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Heka Foods Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Bar ⁣⁣⁣?⁣⁣
Flavor Variety Pack (20 Bars) $64.99

The Blueberry Muffin Heka Keto Bar is my favorite: (12 Pack) $38.99 + $5 Shipping

Peanut Butter Keto Bars

As you can see, getting to try the DANG bars or the HEKA bars would cost you more than the entire Keto Krate box, where you get to at least try them both (and a lot more items too!) before you decide what you want to order a whole box of. ?


Iota UMANI Roasted Sunflower Kernels ?
8 pouches: $20.72 + $10 Shipping

Big Fork Craft Pork Stick ?
3-Stick Sample Pack: 9.99 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Keto Snacks For On The Go


RAWREV GLO Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar ?
$20.97 for a box of 12 + Free Shipping on Amazon

KNUTRI Double Chocolate Cookie Dough Collagen Bar ?
$39.00 for a box of 12 + Free Shipping on Amazon

Keto Bars Variety Box


“Just The Cheese” Jalapeno Cheese Bars ??
$23.88 for 12 packs + Free Shipping on Amazon

Keto Cheese Crackers


+ 3 Free Bonus Keto Products when you sign up today ?⁣

Those are the 10 products that came in EVERY January Keto Krate.

This is what it looks like:

January Keto Krate 2020 Coupon Code


If you order today you also get the bonus products.

I’m not sure what your 3 bonus gifts will be if you’re just signing up, but a surprise is always fun – and extra snacks is always nice!

January Keto Krate Discount Code


This month’s Krate has some FUN new additions like cut-out keto quotes and a keto quiz, recipe cards and inspiring weight loss success stories.

Keto Quotes Goals


They’ve been including a lot of extra cool stuff in the Krates lately!

Keto Quiz Games

Things like that, plus the recipes and success stories, add even more fun to opening up your Keto Krate box full of delicious snacks & foods!

The 2020 New Year deal is not available publicly.

You can activate the discount & gifts through this special link to save $16 and get 40% off + 3 extra low carb products. ?

Keto Krate Discount Code


Need low carb snacks and keto variety to stay on track with your goals this year? ?

It makes staying on track EASY when you have sweet & salty snacks on hand, things you can grab in a pinch, or something FUN to mix things up a little – like low carb cereal and keto brownies! ?⁣⁣

As you can see, $23.99 is a GREAT value for this box…

It’s even a great value at the regular price of $39.99, given it would cost you $237.40 to order all of these products based on the prices I just looked up for you above.

Or it would cost as much or more to order almost any one of the products, and you wouldn’t have all the fun variety you get with Keto Krate…

If you got this box, I’d love to hear what you’ve tried so far, and what you thought of it – LOVE it or HATE it style!

Leave a comment & let’s discuss our favorites. ?

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. This 40% Off Keto Krate New Year Discount ends SOON so definitely grab this one at a discount if you want it, before they sell out. ?


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