Real Life Daily Low Carb Food Diaries

Need some ideas and inspiration? The low carb food diaries are coming back! Yes, finally. 😉 Apologies for the long quiet spell. I’ve been having some work done on the server that hosts my blog, and we’re just about to wrap it up.

In fact, the site will be down for a few hours early Wednesday morning – but fingers crossed, back up pretty quick.

Once everything is fixed I’ll finally be able to catch up and reply to your comments again, and start sharing some FUN keto recipes and low carb food diaries with you.

PLUS we can kick off a year-end low carb weight loss challenge together! 🙂

For now, below are the meals I ate yesterday (perfect or not!) and my macros for the day, and I have this Keto Q&A: Ask Me Anything! on Facebook – or you can leave your questions as a comment at my blog here on this post.

(If the site is down for maintenance when you try to comment, it’ll be back up soon!)

Low Carb Food Diary

What I ate yesterday: 4 small double blueberry waffles with butter only, meatloaf with sugar free bbq sauce & cauli mash with shredded cheddar.

Then half a pint of low carb ice cream topped with chocolate hazelnut nut butter.

Yes, I stopped at half. 😉 I was satisfied (and tired), so I put the other half back in the freezer.

☕ 🧈 🧇 🥘 🍦🍫

Daily Low Carb Food Diaries

📊 29 net carbs 👀
76% fat – 77 grams of protein
(including my ☕ coffees)
+ 64 ounces of water 💧

LCHF Keto Macros

I normally stick to 20 net carbs max for the day, but I’ve been pushing the limits a little lately. 😬 Not every day, but sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to stay on track. 🤷‍♀️🍦🧇 👀 😋

I made smaller waffles yesterday (using a chaffle maker) to test the recipe. At that size, and with the different nut butter and 70g of blueberries instead of 35g, the recipe made 11 waffles that were 1.7 net carbs each.

I used the same batter to make pancakes, waffles and muffins – so it’s this recipe: Keto Blueberry Muffins & Pancakes Recipe except I used the Perfect Keto vanilla macadamia nut butter instead of the other one.

🧇 The recipe has great ingredients: eggs, macadamia butter, almond flour, blueberries, all good stuff.👍

Keto Waffle Recipes

🍥 The ice cream was Halo Keto White Chocolaty Macadamia topped with Perfect Keto chocolate hazelnut macadamia butter. It gets hard like magic shell on low carb yogurt or ice cream. 🥰😋

That’s the same nut butter I used in the waffle recipe above, the vanilla one from Perfect Keto. It’s great for making candy / fat bombs, baking with AND ice cream!

My discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for 15% off there

This was SO delicious!! 😍🥰

Keto Magic Shell for Ice Cream

Halo Top’s “keto series” is not my favorite low carb ice cream. It’s good with “magic shell” (this combo) plus I got it on sale and it’s already cheap – and easy to find. 😉

So far (I’m still trying more) my top favorites are Simple Truth Keto at Kroger Stores, and the Enlightened Keto ice cream line. I think I have a good discount code for Enlightened btw, so I’ll look that up for you…

📝 Note: if I eat low carb ice cream, I eat it as a meal. I think of it like a frozen protein shake. 😉🙃

It’s more ideal for me to eat super simple vs recipes and products and sugar free sauces & sweets. I do best sticking to plain foods like meat, eggs, pecans, spinach, broccoli, etc. 🥩🥦🥚🥓🍗🧀🥑🍓🧄🥗

But I’m not against indulging in low carb treats and having healthier versions of what I want – if it keeps me from going on an all out carb binge. 🎯

Besides, sometimes you need a little FUN in your low carb life – like “ice cream for dinner” and a great movie with a friend! 🙂

Low Carb Ice Cream - Keto Movie Snacks

* We watched The Departed, btw (again) – what a great movie!

The meatloaf and cauliflower mash dinner was a fresh cooked meal I bought, not one I made myself. I’ve been using a Keto Meal Delivery Service which is working out GREAT for me lately! The food is delicious.

Low Carb Meatloaf Dinner

It’s Eat To Evolve: and I scored us 20% OFF their keto meal plan. Just use code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout if you decide to try it out. 💕

I have quite a few Evovle unboxing videos on my Facebook Page – or on my YouTube channel if you want to watch a few of those to see what to expect from week to week.

📅 I haven’t eaten an “off plan meal” in over 7 months – since March 12th (I had veal parmesan that day from a great Greek/Italian place). I’m pretty proud of that fact. 😎✌

Still, even sticking to super low carb foods (and usually better meals & macros than yesterday!) my weight has been trending up over the last six months. I have something hormonal going on it seems, plus stress & anxiety spike my blood sugar and cause me to float in and out of ketosis.

I’ll be talking more about that in future posts, and I’ll share with you what I plan to do to get back into weight loss mode – and the results along the way too, of course. I know others who have stayed “consistently keto” through 2020 and are also gaining weight, so if that’s you: we’ll beat this together – you are not alone!

➡️ How are things going with you lately, and what would you most like to change or improve? Are you still on track, back on track, or looking to GET back on track?

As always, if you have any questions – drop a comment and let me know. 😉

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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