New Video: Free Keto Pizza Coupon, Try Magic Spoon…

Want to see what 3 months of keto snacks looks like?

Join me in this fun video where I unbox the June, July and August Keto Krate boxes and share creative ways to use these products… even if you don’t snack! ?

For a limited time you can still get the August Keto Krate for only 29.99 ? That’s a DOUBLE DISCOUNT at $10 off! Use code: LOWCARBTRAVELERAUG19 at ? But hurry, before they sell out and this “double discount” offer ends! ✔

Note: You can’t even order ONE of these products for less than $30, so that’s a SWEET deal. ? And a lot of variety!

One of the really cool new features at Keto Krate is their new members only shop area where you can order individual products with FREE shipping!

You can even order the entire July box there for $10 off, plus they have a 50% off product section too for even better deals – especially if you want to add on a few of those things to try.

New Keto Store for Gluten Free Low Carb Products

I love (LOVE!) that I can hop on there and order individual products with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING – like a single carton of Milkadamia (vs buying 6 cartons on Amazon, which I don’t need!) or another bag of those Front Porch Pecans (instead of 4 bags on Amazon for $22.99), etc.

You do have to be a member of Keto Krate to shop there, but right now you can get the August Keto Krate for only $29.99 with my $10 off coupon code: LOWCARBTRAVELERAUG19 at ? – which will give you full access to their store.

It’s a cool new way to do a little keto grocery shopping, hand picking ONLY the products you like – or want to try. ?

You can do that on Netrition too, order single items instead of entire boxes, which is a great way to mix & match when you want to stock up on keto friendly products for your pantry or try a few new things.

Did you get the August Keto Krate?

I would love to hear what you LOVED most out of the box this month, or if you didn’t get it (yet) – what you would MOST love to try. ?

Keto Krate August 2019

$10 off discount code: LOWCARBTRAVELERAUG19

All products in every Keto Krate box are guaranteed Gluten Free and 5 net carbs or less per serving. They are very picky about the products they source to include in our boxes every month.

It’s such a fun way to mix things up, and have creative new meals – or something sweet or savory to grab when you feel “snacky” but want to stay on track. ?

Thoughts or questions?

I hope you enjoyed my creative ideas and fun keto chat in the video…

Leave a comment & let’s discuss!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. I mentioned Perfect Keto bars in the video above…

I recently did a Perfect Keto Q&A Video too, specifically about what I use (and don’t use!) and how I use their collagen & MCT oil:

❤ My 4 favorites: + 15% off. ?


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