Kicking off a new Keto Challenge. Roll Call: Are…

Did you participate in the last 90 Day Keto Challenge with us, or have you participated in one before?

I would love to hear how it went for you! Not in terms of pounds & inches lost, our Final Weigh-In is here for that, but I want to know what you STRUGGLED with most during this last 90 day challenge, or in your own personal keto/weight loss journey, and any questions you have about the ketogenic low carb diet…

Do you struggle with mindset, consistency, food choices, learning about macros, meal tracking, or what specifically?

In other words: How can I help you? ?

What CHALLENGES you most in your weight loss journey, or about the keto diet?

I’m creating the outline for our next challenge and I want to include a lot more help & resources to make it even MORE successful for everyone involved.

  • Where are you in your low carb / weight loss journey?
  • What topics are you most interested in learning more about?
  • What do you need the MOST help with?

Even if you aren’t participating in the challenge and/or our private Facebook group, your answers will be a huge help – so thank you in advance!

2019 Keto Challenge: Education & Motivation Series

I’m really excited to kick off a new challenge & discussion series with you this summer, focused on “Education and Motivation” to both learn more about your body and a ketogenic low carb diet – and also to learn better ways to stay on track, stay motivated, and make it a healthy lifestyle change… more easily.

Whether you plan to participate in the private Facebook group, challenge activities & weigh-in’s or not, I would love your input on topics you would most like to see addressed & discussed.

For example, I’m currently interested in: fat loss & muscle gain (body composition vs weight loss), gut health, overall metabolic health, how to improve your ketone levels & metabolism, the science of calories – which are WAY more than just a number, just to name a few things!

Keto Challenge Links & Group Discussions

I’m kicking this challenge off a bit slower than usual, with a lot of discussion (input from you!) and ultimately a more structured series to help you stay on track and see RESULTS more easily.

Here are the challenge links & group discussions happening this week:

Starting Weigh-In: Current Weight & Body Measurements

My current weight is 139.4 as of this morning. I still need to do my body measurements! I’m focused on maintenance and also working on body composition during this challenge: losing body fat & gaining lean muscle weight.

Roll Call & Topic Requests Discussion

To see how I’ve run past Challenges & get all the Getting Started info to kick this off STRONG see my Spring Keto Challenge post – it’s full of great resources. ?

There’s a great video and some helpful tips in this post: Keto vs Low Carb (Simplified!) You’ll also find the link to my Low Carb Classes on that page too.

Also see Video: Weight Loss Stalls & Discouragement? What To Do!

And this Keto Challenge Q&A post with frequently asked questions (and answers!), helpful videos and low carb grocery lists & ideas.

I created a new tag in our private Facebook Group too: “summer keto challenge” – that way you can easily find all posts from me in our group with updates & tips throughout this new summer series.

Another fun discussion we’re having in the group right now:

It’s hard for me to lose weight because _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

There are HUNDREDS of comments on this in the group already if you’re interested in what others are saying. I’d love to hear your answer too!

It's hard for me to lose weight because

Stay tuned for BIG doses of motivation, FUN mini challenges, and EASY ideas for eating low carb and getting in shape… that don’t require hours in the kitchen OR a gym.

I cannot wait to hear your input & suggestions! ?

Leave a comment and let’s chat…

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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