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If you have questions about ketosis, ketone levels, using exogenous ketones, glucose and ketone testing and all that jazz… you’ll LOVE this video!

Dorian and his wife (Mr & Mrs Mojo!) are the coolest, smartest and most resourceful people. They’re the couple behind Keto Mojo. I so enjoyed chatting “ketones & ketosis” with them at the Metabolic Health Summit last week.

Fortunately I was able to get Mr Mojo himself live on video to share some of that great information with you too!

Live with “Mr Mojo” on Ketone Testing & Ketosis

Candid discussion about ketone testing and ketosis with the founder of Keto Mojo including the use of exogenous ketones and varying glucose & ketone test results.

The Keto Mojo Ketone Testing Meter (that’s our 15% off discount link) is the gadget I use to test my glucose & ketone levels when I do my “6 Day Clean Testing” product reviews on keto products for you. ?

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Main Points Covered In The Video:

[0:39] My biggest take-away from the MHS event: “context”

“There are NO hard and fast rules for keto!”

[1:03] What is Bio-Individuality?

“Why do our ketone tests all give us different numbers?”

[2:05] Finding Your Baseline: Your Base Glucose & Ketone Levels

Note: This is our 15% off discount link for the Keto Mojo testing kit.

“One ingredient or food may affect you differently than other people.”

[5:30] Why would a food produce no glycemic response (not affect glucose levels) yet still tank my ketone levels?

* I may have to backtrack on this statement about the Quest Pizza – more on that below. ?

[6:38] You can only manage what you can measure.

[8:05] So if it’s not the food or ingredient that’s the problem, and it’s YOU… what next?

How do we start to determine what to eat, what NOT to eat, what to test – and how to go about that testing process?

[8:36] The context: Internal and External factors that affect Ketosis. Gut flora, microbiome, environment, etc…

Taking all the factors into consideration.

[12:10] What is the next step to figuring out your individual intolerances or issues?

The process of elimination, aka elimination diets.

[14:30] Health Issues, Gut Flora, Microbiome – How They Affect Ketosis & Weight Loss

Figuring out what to test and what to do next vs following extreme elimination trends.

[17:50] Data & tracking is key, otherwise you’re just guessing.

[18:10] Just Starting vs Long Term Keto

There’s a lot you DON’T need to worry about when you’re just starting out!

[21:18] Do your Ketone Levels really matter? Is higher better than lower?

What’s the difference between an athlete that reads 0.5 and a sedentary housewife that measures 2.5 ketones?

“Don’t go chasing ketones, chase RESULTS.”

[24:37] Keto is not “one size fits all” – You have to find what works for you.

[25:04] Are exogenous ketones bogus? Should you take them or not?

Exogenous ketones have their place in therapeutic practices (cancer patients, epilepsy, dementia, etc) but they have NO effect on weight loss and they do NOT put you in true nutritional ketosis. They’re simply an expensive “energy drink” with a very temporary effect.

All you end up with is expensive pee. (lol) ?

[29:30] How does Keto Mojo compare to Precision Xtra or other meters?

[31:00] Urine Ketone Testing Strips

[32:47] Higher Ketone Levels for EGO purposes (don’t fall victim to that!)

[33:30] Using Collagen Protein, Building Muscle & Burning Fat

Build muscle in the gym, burn fat in the kitchen. ?

[35:30] Why Selfies Are The Best Tool for Monitoring Progress

Closing points:

KNOW What works for you. Get as many data points as you can.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Ketone Levels for Optimal Weight Loss & More Energy

I mentioned in the video that the Quest Pizza knocked me out of ketosis while I was at the event, but I *may* have to backtrack on that statement.

I realized in hindsight that I hadn’t tested my ketone levels otherwise that day, and while I didn’t eat anything questionable (just steak & avocado before that) – I’d like to test the Quest products again while I’m at home and NOT traveling.

Dorian’s talk on both internal AND external factors, and our earlier conversation about traveling raising cortisol levels, piqued my interest – and made me want to retest those products in my usual environment.

I actually really LIKED the Quest Pizza and the Quest Chips (the new ones). I haven’t tried their new bars or cookies yet, but stay tuned as I review their newest product line – for both flavor, texture AND glucose/ketone response. ?

Quest Products on Netrition

Quest Products on Amazon

Thoughts or Questions on Ketosis or Ketone Testing?

Do you have a Keto Mojo testing kit, or do you test glucose or ketone levels at all. Why or why not, and if so – how do you test, and how often do you test?

If you’d like to get one, this is our 15% off discount link for the Keto Mojo kit.

Have you tried the newer Quest products?

Did you like them, NOT like them, have a response to them at all?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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