How To Cook Black-Eyes Peas

Black-eyes peas are a staple of the American South. This hearty legume is exceptional in stews but it also popular in fritters, salads and other preparations. Insterested in tasting this uniquely-shaped pea? Let’s take a look at how to cook black-eyed in a variety of ways.

What are black-eyed peas?

Black-eyed peas are small cream colored legumes with a black dot, aka eye, on one side. They are thought to have originated in Asia and were later introduced to the United States via the African slave trade.

Benefits of Black-Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are a good source of vegetarian protein.

They are also rich in potassium, vitamin A and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.

Calories in Black-Eyed Peas

A one cup (145g) serving of black-eyed peas contains 130 calories, 0.5g of fat, 27g of potassium, 4.3g of fiber and 23% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A.

How To Cook Black-Eyed Peas

To enjoy the best black-eyed peas begin with dry legumes. Pick through the peas to get rid of any debris, rinse and soak them in water overnight. Cook them as you would any other dried legume (we go over the process here)

Once your black-eyed peas are softened there are a variety of dishes you can make. Here are some tasty recipe ideas:

Black-Eyed Pea Recipes For Every Palate

Stewed Black-Eyed Peas

In the American South, black-eyed peas are traditionally stewed with a ham bone or ham hock. This adds smokiness and flavor to this comforting dish. It is a popular recipe for New Year’s as it is said to bring good luck.

Try this wonderful slow cooker recipe from The Spruce.

Black-Eyed Pea Curry

Consider making a black-eyed pea curry. This recipe hails from India and makes use of spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, garam masala and chilies.

Learn  how to make it with these tips from Vanchef:


Hoppin’ John

Another popular Southern dish is Hoppin’ John, which is a hearty blend of pork, rice, black-eyed peas and collard greens. Try this exquisite recipe from I Heart Recipes:

Texas Caviar

This is a spicy dip featuring black-eyed peas, onions, peppers, chilies and tomatoes. It’s perfect with chips and ideal for parties and tailgating.

Get the recipe below:

Frituras de Frijoles Caritas

image via Hungry Sofia

Frituras is the Spanish word for fritters. These particular black-eyed pea fritters originated in Cuba where they are called Bollitos de Carita.

The prep is a bit tedious since it calls for removing the skins off the soaked peas but the final result is delicious and well worth the extra time.

Find the recipe over at Hungry Sofia.

Black-Eyed Pea Hummus

Try this alternative version of traditional hummus prepared with black-eyed peas. Southern Living shows you how to make this easy recipe:

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