For the love of eggs! Pandemic moments to rememb…

37 days we were apart, in separate locations for self isolation. 📅

It started as a 14 day quarantine, during which time we learned about asymptomatic cases and 30 day viral shedding – so we chose to wait it out.

Both of us had been in high risk areas prior, and neither of us wanted to risk the health or life of the other…

We did our time.

We spent over a month each isolating ourselves from the rest of the world… so we could safely spend time together. 👫

Keto Couple - Staying Low Carb With A Busy Lifestyle

Aaron and I have been dating off & on for 3 1/2 years.

He is my best friend 💓 a man I respect, trust & enjoy – and obviously: love.

We both share a love of the outdoors (and each other), and we both make our health a top priority.

I would guess it’s pretty rare to find someone so “food compatible” so I consider myself lucky to have met a man that eats gluten free, sugar free and pretty simple & clean like I do.

He’s “keto” too – he just wasn’t familiar with the term before we met. 😉

Low Carb On The Go - Keto Couple - Staying On Track Together

He’s also the only person I know that eats more eggs than I do! 😅

I think it was the 2nd day he was here that he made my cheesy eggs 🍳 and when I sat down at the table…

I broke out in HAPPY TEARS at how amazingly wonderful something so NORMAL could feel. ❤

Pandemic Stories

All the little things so easily taken for granted… now feel like the MOST important things. Something as simple as sharing a meal or holding hands is SO beautiful.

Those cheesy eggs, you know: our “mundane norm” – which felt anything but mundane after 5 or 6 very long weeks apart, wondering if/when and having no idea what might happen next, in the world, between us, all of it.

Two Plates and a Smile…

It felt like the most profound moment, and silly at the same time, me laughing with eyes full of happy tears because my heart felt SO full of gratitude and comfort after weeks on end of being locked in with only my own thoughts… and my own plate.

May we never (ever) take these bits of life for granted again.

We’ve been apart again for another week now, playing it safe between his rare outings for work – which are few and far between.

The mix of quiet “me time” and togetherness is a nice balance for me, I admit. I haven’t lived with anyone in more than 20 years, other than my two children who are now raised and out on their own.

It’s incredibly nice to have someone I can spend time with during this otherwise VERY quiet and extremely isolating time in my life.

I feel fortunate to have someone in my life that would isolate for me. That we both did… spoke volumes, about our desire to get through this pandemic together.

🌎 With all of humanity in a global crisis, together, united in concern and hope… we are still individuals, living each of our own daily lives in our own way, full of good moments and hard ones.

This was one of my favorite good moments… 🥰

Tell me one of yours! 💕

Aaron didn’t laugh at me for being all emotional about the eggs. I wouldn’t have minded if he did. 😉 He just reached over and put his hand over mine and said…

“There’s no one I’d rather spend a pandemic with… than you.”

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

📲 This is a tough time. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s totally okay…

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