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I cooked a super easy keto meal yesterday that turned out amazingly delicious. I’ll walk you through the details.

This is an EASY one too: literally freezer-to-table in about 30 minutes. ?

Easy Keto Dinner Recipe For One

Since I travel a lot and my schedule is very fluid, I never know when I might cook. More often than not if I buy fresh produce it goes bad before I can use it – or use it ALL even, since I’m only cooking for one.

I do try to keep low carb foods in the freezer though, for nights like this when I want to throw together a delicious and healthy meal at home.

I love steam-in-the-bag frozen low carb vegetables!

I had a bag of frozen shrimp, broccoli florets and cauliflower rice…

Easy Keto Dinner Ideas with Frozen Foods

I dumped the frozen shrimp in a big bowl and covered them with water and left them on the counter to thaw. I can’t remember how long that took because I went about some chores and came back to it in a bit.

I put the Broccoli Steamables in the microwave for 4 minutes, then preheated the oven to 400 degrees and spread the broccoli out on a foil lined pan.

(That makes for easy clean-up! And if you do it right, you don’t even have to wash the baking sheet. ? )

I drizzled olive oil over the broccoli and sprinkled it with salt and garlic powder, then popped it in the oven. How long you cook it depends on how roasted or crisp you want it.

Keto Sides - Easy Roasted Broccoli

I like mine CRISP and “toss it” a few times to get it roasted more evenly.

Next I plucked the tails off the shrimp and patted them dry, then tossed them in a skillet with a tablespoon of butter and Oh My Spice Sweet & Savory seasoning – which is AMAZING, especially on seafood!

Easy Keto Dinner Recipe with Shrimp

I drained the butter off and turned the heat up to sear the shrimp real quick, added about 2 TBSP of Chipotle Aioli (a spicy mayo) to the hot butter and stirred it together good…

… then poured that creamy buttery sauce back over the shrimp and let it simmer for a minute. Not long because you don’t want your shrimp to get tough.

Shrimp Keto Recipe - Easy Low Carb Dinners

Meanwhile I had steamed the cauliflower rice in the bag for about 4 minutes, dumped that in a skillet with a dash of salt and a TBSP of butter – then added 1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) of zero carb pimento cheese to it:

Fast Keto Sides - Creative Cauliflower Rice Recipe

This is the pimento cheese I used. I found it in the Kroger deli:

Zero Carb Pimento Cheese

That made my cauliflower rice creamy and cheesy – and oh so tasty! ?

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Rice - Keto Sides

Meanwhile the broccoli was fairly well roasted…

Roasted Broccoli - Keto Side Dish Recipes

Since I was cooking for one (just me!) I portioned out everything before I made my plate so I could try to log it at least semi-accurately – and put the rest away for leftovers.

Easy Keto Meal Prep Dinners

All the different textures and flavors combined made for a fabulous dinner! Creamy cheesy cauli rice, crisp garlicky broccoli, sweet & spicy seared shrimp… YUM. ?

Healthy Keto Dinner Ideas - Pescatarian Low Carb Meal

It turned out pretty too. ?

Talk about a delicious meal!

Easy Keto Meals - Cooking Low Carb For One


Since I didn’t put everything into the MyFitnessPal recipe calculator or portion it out as closely as I normally would (based on package servings), I sort of guesstimated what I put on my plate and ate when I logged my dinner:

Tracking Keto Macros in MyFitnessPal


I think I may have eaten a little more of it than ended up in MyFitnessPal. ?

I’m okay with that though, it was close – lol.

I was out of the Chipotle Lime Mayo I prefer so I used what I had left of a Chipotle Aioli from the grocery store. But the Primal Kitchen products are definitely best – highest quality ingredients (no soy!) and the best flavor.

That mayo makes such a GREAT sauce with just enough “kick” to make a meal enjoyable – and I don’t even like spicy foods! You can add a TBSP (or two) to practically anything you want to have a nice creamy sauce.

It’s great for drizzling over salmon too. ?

Or a salad even!

This was a really easy “freezer-to-table” healthy keto dinner and so delicious. I hope this at least gave you some creative ideas to consider to mix things up a little…

Who ever thought of cooking with pimento cheese and mayonnaise?!

Me, lol. ?

How are things going with you?

Leave a comment and let’s chat!:)

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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