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Need basic pantry staples without having to order in bulk, or a place to stock up on keto snacks and low carb groceries without overpaying?

➡️ Netrition has single items like: baking powder, low carb wraps, almond flour, keto bars, low carb chips & sweets, sugar free preserves, coconut flour & sweeteners… all at LOW prices, without having to buy in bulk – and IN stock! 🛒

Including things like Quest chips and Perfect Keto bars where you can order SINGLES and mix & match flavors to create your own snack box. 😉

All delivered right to your front door… with FREE SHIPPING or low flat-rate shipping.

📝 I have a quick list at the end of this post to make it more helpful to see at a glance what all you can pick up at Netrition.

Keto Pantry Staples - Low Carb Grocery Delivery

Netrition – The Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore!


So many things are out of stock in my local grocery stores.

The shelves are literally BARE where simple things like baking powder used to be. 🤔

Where To Find Baking Powder
(apologies for the blurry picture, it was from my Instacart shopper)

The delivery/service fees & tip REALLY ADD UP when I do local grocery delivery.

It’s been worth it to me though, because in my area the stores are TOO crowded, and people are NOT respecting any means of “social distancing” – at all. 🙄

I feel incredibly fortunate to have that as an option in a little rural farm town, as well as curbside pickup at two different stores.

But lately, it’s hard to find certain things I need…

Basic things even like almond flour, coconut oil and baking powder for example.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of Netrition sooner! 🤦‍♀️ I’ve been shopping there for about 9 years now and it’s always a great experience…

I should’ve known they’d have EVERYTHING. 😉

And their FREE or flat-rate delivery for only $6.99 is WAY cheaper than local grocery delivery through InstaCart and other options!

Low Carb Netrition Order

They have a lot of our favorite brands: ketologie, perfect keto, choczero, atkins, legendary foods, primal kitchen, my favorite sugar free preserves, etc.

And you can shop singles and mix & match flavors there instead of having to buy in bulk – or order from multiple websites. 💕

* By the way, Netrition has a box at checkout for a discount code, but they’ve never had one – because they’re prices are already discounted on the site.

Here are some of my staples & favorites from Netrition:

You can click on the images or the links to go straight to the product page for each of these items, then use the search bar at the top of the site to find anything else you need…

👩‍🍳 Bob’s Red Mill Baking Powder

Order Baking Powder Online

🥥 Coconut Oil and 🥥 Coconut Flour

Coconut Oil Coconut Flour


🧁 SmartCakes (in ALL the flavors!)

Smart Cakes by Smart Baking Company


🍇🍓 Nature’s Hollow Sugar Free Mountain Berry Jam

Nature's Hollow Sugar Free Preserves, Keto Friendly Low Carb Jelly


🍿 Quest Low Carb Chips (bbq, sour cream & onion, cheddar)

Quest Low Carb Chips


🍞 Great Low Carb “Everything Bagels” and “Everything Bread” 🥯

Low Carb Sliced Bread


🍅 Organico Bello Low Carb Marinara

🌶 Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo

That marinara is AMAZING and combined with the Chipotle Lime Mayo, it makes the BEST parmesan chicken EVER. 😍 Here’s the recipe:

👩‍🍳 EASY Keto Meals: Low Carb Parmesan Chicken Recipe Twists & Simple Sides

Low Carb Chicken Parmesan - with a Kick! :)


🌯🌮 Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas

Mama Lupes Low Carb Tortillas


🍥 Swerve Sweetener (granular, brown & confectioners)

Best Place to Order Swerve Online

🎂 Netrition also carries the Swerve Baking Mixes including keto friendly cake mix and low carb pancake & waffle mix, chocolate chip cookie mix & more:

Swerve Sweetener and Keto Cake Mix


🍫 ChocZero Syrups, Sugar Free Chocolate Chips & Keto Bark/Squares

You can also order directly from ChocZero and get a 10% discount PLUS free shipping using my discount code: ChocZero Website – Discount Code: TRAVELINGLOWCARB

But if you’re already making a Netrition order and only need ONE bag of chocolate chips or ONE syrup, it’s easier to just add it to your Netrition order. 😉

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips Keto Friendly Sugar Free White Chocolate Chips Keto Friendly Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Chips Keto Friendly

ChocZero Sugar Free Syrup


They have G. Hughes AND Guy’s BBQ Sauce…
(two favorites in ALL the keto & low carb groups!)

🥫 Speaking of sauces, they also carry Primal Kitchen products which are some of the best for sauces and condiments, including MY favorite: the Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo I mentioned above. Hands down the BEST spicy mayo you’ll ever eat, and their products are super clean & very keto friendly. ✅

Primal Kitchen Foods - Keto Pantry Staples and Low Carb Groceries Online


📝 Here’s a quick list to make it more helpful to see at a glance what all you can pick up at Netrition, including a lot of our favorite brands: ketologie, perfect keto, choczero, atkins, legendary foods, and more – where you can order singles and mix & match flavors to create your own keto variety box.

* Note: If you do order from websites like Legendary Foods and Perfect Keto and Good Dee’s Mixes and Ketologie – my coupon code is LOWCARBTRAVELER to get a discount on their websites. My discount code at ChocZero is TRAVELINGLOWCARB 💕

You’ll find TONS more everyday keto pantry items at Netrition (baking powder, monk fruit, various keto friendly flours, etc) plus a HUGE variety of low carb products and keto snacks from companies you love… all in one place! 🛒

Netrition – The Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore!

Netrition is a great way to create your own variety box of mix & match keto products or low carb foods, choosing ONLY what you want, and ONLY in the flavors and quantities you want – without having to shop multiple websites or pay extra shipping costs. 🎯 Win!

They also carry the Perfect Keto bars in singles, where you can mix & match flavors…

Perfect Keto Variety Box - Order Single Bars

Obviously it’s cheaper to order directly from the Perfect Keto website if you’re going to order a whole box of bars, or any of their other products.

Especially with my 15% off discount code. 😉 That discount is coded into this link: or you can use code LOWCARBTRAVELER at checkout.

Unfortunately they don’t offer a variety box of their keto bars, and a lot of people say they don’t want to buy a whole box of each flavor – not knowing which flavors they’ll like, or not.

I get that…

The solution: Add one of each flavor to your Netrition order, and see which flavor(s) you like best!

📌 Get Perfect Keto Bars on Netrition (singles, all flavors)

Just don’t buy them by the box there, or get their collagen etc there, because you can get those things cheaper at Perfect Keto with my discount link.

I hope that helps…

I’ve been shopping from Netrition for 9 years now myself. They have GREAT selection, super fast shipping, very low flat rate shipping no matter how heavy the products are that you order… and you can get FREE shipping now too.

If you’re like me and needed a few simple things like baking powder & sweetener that you couldn’t find locally, those things ARE still in stock at Netrition.

Plus you can create your own variety pack, or your own “keto box” full of fun to make it EASY to stay on track – with plenty of hand picked variety to enjoy! 🙃😘

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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Netrition – The Internet’s Premier Nutrition Superstore!

Low Carb Snack Box


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