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I know it’s hard to figure out which product to get, which one is the better deal, or whether it’s a decent quality or not.

Let’s take this MCT Oil as just one example (NOT recommended)…

NOW Sports MCT Oil Review

These are pictures someone sent to ask my opinion on it, so I’ll point out what YOU should be looking for if you see something similar in the store when you’re out shopping:

? 1. It’s from palm kernel oil (too), not a pure coconut oil source.

Avoid any mct oil that is from palm, or that doesn’t specify it’s sourced ONLY from coconut.

NOW Sports MCT Oil Review

? 2. It’s only 80% C8/C10 oil.

That doesn’t add up. There’s no telling what the other 20% is ? – but it’s most likely a combination of C6 (known to cause stomach upset) and C12 (lauric acid – which would just make it dressed up, overpriced coconut oil).

➡️ Only buy MCT C8/C10 oil (or pure C8 oil, but it just costs more is all).

Do not buy anything that does NOT specify WHICH mct’s it contains, and how much of each.

It should be C8 and C10 only, and 100% of the two combined.

I get the same great results with C8/C10 oil as I do with pure C8 – and the C8/C10 is cheaper. ?

➡️ Tip: it says the serving size is 1 TBSP but start with one teaspoon and work your way up gradually.

* Use it first thing in the morning for the best results.

Here’s where I did the research and comparison charts on all the MCT oil products (oils, powders, softgels, etc) plus my experience with them & thoughts on them: https://www.travelinglowcarb.com/24540/mct-oil/

* * *

I’m using Perfect Keto mct C8/C10 oil at home, and our discount code is LOWCARBTRAVELER for a discount.

The Perfect Keto brand is super high quality and lower price… plus the discount makes it one of the cheapest of all the GOOD mct oils out there.

* * *

Pat asked: “What is your biggest benefit that you see or feel in the mct oil. I keep hearing about energy levels increasing and boy, do I need that!”

My reply:

YES, that’s the thing you’ll notice first. Instant energy boost – because it raises your metabolism, and because it’s instantly burning those calories (and yours). The next thing you’ll notice is that it’s a serious appetite suppressant. I use it in my first morning coffee – and usually don’t get hungry until an early dinner.

But what you may not notice… is that it also raises your ketone levels, which means you get knocked out of ketosis less easily, and if you do – back into ketosis more quickly. That has allowed me to increase my range of vegetables, eat a sweet potato for example (esp while I’m sick) without getting knocked out of ketosis at all.

But you can learn more about ALL the benefits of MCT Oil, what it does and what it’s for, in my post here: MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil if you haven’t read that already.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

Happy to help… ?

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. To see what else I order from Perfect Keto, and more about their keto bars, see: 20% Off Perfect Keto Ends Tonight The sale is over but my LOWCARBTRAVELER discount code still gets you a GREAT discount. ?

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