⏰ Free Stuff + Half Off = Perfect Keto Party Time!

I’m going to delete this in a few hours, but I want to show you what I ordered today, and how I got 🖐 FIVE free products + half off the normal price using two different Perfect Keto discount links earlier today.❣️

I’ll show you exactly how I got the MOST stuff for the LEAST amount.

I’m all about using every trick to maximize savings & get stuff cheap! 😉

At the very least you get to see what all I ordered, even if you’re just curious. 👀

Oh – and the Unflavored Collagen Powder and Peanut Butter Cookies ARE back in stock. 👍

Perfect Keto Best Deals August 2020

Perfect Keto is having a BIG End of Summer Sale 🌞🌊 this week which is BUY TWO GET ONE FREE anything in their store.

It ends tonight (Friday August 14 at midnight eastern time) so I had to get my order in this morning real quick – because I always stock up during their sales.

(keep reading if you need more stuff!)

I started by ordering 3 tubs of their Unflavored Collagen Powder because I use that daily in my first morning coffee. ☕️ Perfect timing too, because I’m near the bottom of my last canister as we speak.

🎁 They added a FREE vanilla macadamia nut butter to my order at checkout too!

Perfect Keto Collagen B2G1 Free

If you need more than 3 things, you can just place a second order. BUT it will only let you use the End of Summer Sale code ONCE so the trick is to use a different email address on your second order. 😉

First though, if you like the Perfect Keto Bars and you wait to stock up when they’re on sale, this 45% off 4 boxes is a WAY better deal than the current sale they’re running! ❤

That link is not on their website anywhere, so just click here to order Perfect Keto Bars – but don’t add anything else to your cart, only bars. Everything else is on sale, so you can place a different order for other items.

This is my order using that deal today. 👇

I might have stocked up for the winter… lol – but what a DEAL! And they added ANOTHER free vanilla macadamia nut butter to this order too. 🥰

Best Deal on Perfect Keto Bars Half Price

So I had two FREE vanilla macadamia nut butters (those are GREAT to bake with!!) a FREE collagen powder, half off my keto bars…

And wait 🤔 I should tell you those are not ALL for me. 😆

Aaron LOVES the Perfect Keto bars and gets into my stash quite a bit when he’s here painting, or grabs a few to take along when he picks me up for a hike.

They do have a great shelf life though, so I’m not opposed to being “over stocked” when they’re half price. 😉

Anyway ~ two FREE vanilla macadamia nut butters, a FREE collagen powder, half off my keto bars… and then I decided to grab some more Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter before the sale ends tonight.

Truth: Aaron gets into that too. 🧐 But also because I want to do some more baking with it AND because it’s my favorite “magic shell” on low carb ice cream. 😍

Perfect Keto Best Deals

And look: a THIRD FREE vanilla macadamia nut butter (yay!!) + my third 2-pack of nut butter FREE … then they offered me a special deal at checkout: a box of Cinnamon Roll Keto Bars for only $19.99 ($20 off!).

Um, yes please!

I feel like I seriously SCORED today with the FIVE free products and half off ALL the bars. I am shopping for two like I said, but the bars and collagen and nut butter are staples in my keto pantry – and you really can’t beat those deals.❣️

Here are the two links I used to get those savings & freebies:

📲 Perfect Keto Buy 2 Get 1 Free (ends tonight!)

📲 45% off 4+ boxes of Perfect Keto Bars (don’t add anything else to your cart!)

If you only need one item or two items, you can use my discount code for 15% off instead. The code is LOWCARBTRAVELER or the 15% off discount is coded into this link for us: http://perfectketo.com/lynnterry

I think I’m going to place one more order… and snag some of their DELICIOUS peanut butter cookies. I only have one package left, and I’ve had it stashed away (hidden from Aaron!) for a special treat. 😉 haha

Poor guy, he loves those – and I’ve been holding out on him. 😇 I don’t really snack much or eat a lot of sweets, but Aaron DOES – and he loves to have something sweet in the evenings when he watches a movie.

So yeah, I should go grab those too. The peanut butter cookies are their BEST flavor (in my opinion). I love them, even for breakfast with coffee – or smeared with peanut butter and sugar free preserves. 🥰 yum!

I’ll put some pictures for you below to give you an idea of the textures & flavors of their bars & cookies, in case you haven’t tried them yet.

I’ll have to delete this from my blog later tonight when the sale ends, but I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at my keto shopping & great deals today!

A lot of people in our group ONLY stock up during their sales, so I try to make sure you don’t miss those. Apologies for the late notice on this one, but I just got my own order in a few hours ago… It’s been a crazy full week here! 🤪

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

Their cookies are softbatch style, by the way: very moist. The double chocolate cookies are more like a “brookie” (brownie cookie) in texture.

Perfect Keto Cookies

I do like those, and the chocolate chip (they’re all good) but the newest Peanut Butter Cookies are my FAVORITE:

Perfect Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Perfect Keto Bars

Perfect Keto Bars Deal

This is the Birthday Cake bars 👇 which are softer like the Cinnamon Roll bars. Those two flavors are softer and creamier than the others. I love them both!

My top favorites are Almond Butter Brownie, Lemon Poppyseed and Cinnamon Roll. (Aaron loves the Salted Caramel!)

Perfect Keto Birthday Cake Bars


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